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 Welcome To Great Indian Flavours(GIF), Your Go To Health Buddy! Learn How Weight Loss Tips at Home Can Help You Avoid Diet Pitfalls and Achieve Lasting Weight-Loss Success.

weight loss tips at home

“Weight loss doesn’t begin in the gym with a dumb bell; it starts in your head with a decision” – Toni Sorenson

Health as defined by World Health Organization(WHO) is “A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” As we can see that the definition very well goes with modern time lifestyle and culture where its difficult that one balances all those key points and feel healthy and happy at the same time. However, in these days the terms “Fitness” and “Weight Loss” have gained their popularity like never before and has reached to an extend that it not just mean to stay fit but to also to make healthy choices as part of ones lifestyle!

Get off to the best possible start with these 14 Weight Loss Tips at Home.

1. Drink plenty of water

You can end up consuming extra calories when a glass of water is really what you need. People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger. Try drinking atleast 3 litres of water per day.

2. Plan your meals

Try to plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the week, making sure you stick to your calorie allowance. You may find it helpful to make a weekly shopping list. This way it’s easier to count calories intake per day.

3. Do not stock junk food

To avoid temptation, do not stock junk food – such as chocolate, biscuits, crisps and sweet fizzy drinks – at home. Instead, opt for healthy snacks, such as fruit, oat cakes, unsalted or unsweetened popcorn, and fruit juice. Remember, junk is Junk, Not a Chunk.

4. Go for a smaller plate

Using smaller plates has been shown to help some people automatically eat fewer calories. However, the plate-size effect doesn’t appear to affect everyone. Those who are overweight seem to be more effective.

5. Eggs For Breakfast

Studies show that replacing a grain-based breakfast with eggs can help you eat fewer calories for the next 36 hours as well as lose more weight and body fat. If you don’t eat eggs, that’s fine. Any source of quality protein for breakfast should do the trick.

6. Drink Green Tea

Like coffee, green tea also has many benefits, one of them being weight loss. Though green tea contains small amounts of caffeine, it is loaded with powerful antioxidants called catechins, which are believed to work synergistically with caffeine to enhance fat burning.

7. Reduce Intake of Added Sugar

Added sugar is one of the worst ingredients in the modern diet. Most people consume way too much.
If you want to lose weight, cut back on added sugar. Just make sure to read labels, because even so-called health foods can be loaded with sugar. It is strongly associated with an increased risk of obesity, as well as conditions including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

8. Prefer Low-Carb Diet

Studies show that such a regimen can help you lose 2–3 times as much weight as a standard low-fat diet while also improving your health.

9. Count Calories

Make us of calorie count Apps to measure the calorie Intake of your meal. Portion control — simply eating less — or counting calories can be very useful, for obvious reasons

10. Keep Healthy Food Around in Case You Get Hungry

Snacks that are easily portable and simple to prepare include whole fruits, nuts, baby carrots, yogurt and hard-boiled eggs. Keeping healthy food nearby can help prevent you from eating something unhealthy if you become excessively hungry.

11. Eat Spicy Foods

However, people may develop tolerance to the effects of capsaicin over time, which may limit its long-term effectiveness. Chili peppers contain capsaicin, a spicy compound that can boost metabolism and reduce your appetite slightly.

12. Increase Fiber Intake

Fiber is often recommended for weight loss. Although the evidence is mixed, some studies show that fiber (especially viscous fiber) can increase satiety and help you control your weight over the long term.

13. Chew More Slowly

Consider chewing your food more thoroughly. Studies show that increased chewing may reduce calorie intake at a meal. Your brain may take a while to register that you’ve had enough to eat. Some studies show that chewing more slowly can help you eat fewer calories and increase the production of hormones linked to weight loss.

14. Get Good Sleep

Sleep is highly underrated but may be just as important as eating healthy and exercising.

Studies show that poor sleep is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity, as it’s linked to an 89% increased risk of obesity in children and 55% in adults.

Why Great Indian Flavours (GIF)? …… As we understand losing weight and maintaining a perfect body is the talk of the hour at GIF we not only focus on helping you to lose weight or eat healthy but we make sure that the journey that you have with us is not exhausting, not making you look over and think when this will end, but to make a transformation over yourself in the best possible way that you enjoy it over time and look forward for what’s next and not what is last! Follow the weight loss tips at home provided for better and quicker results.

weight loss tips at home

The Right Factor !
Weight loss is often linked to eating less but for the fact, weight loss is all about eating right things, in right amount at right time and The most important part of losing weight is first of all “believe” that you Can..and Never Give Up !

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