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Determination is the key that keeps you motivated and focused when it comes to weight loss. Like for anything else even for weight loss when one aim to start their journey of transformation , awareness and preparedness are two things which would make your journey more realistic and goals more attainable. Before you start your weight loss journey it is highly advised that you have below essential and prerequisite with you. Get all of them , set your goals and GO !!!!!! 

Happy Weight Loss !!!

Body weighing Machine

weight loss journey
Body Weighing Machine

For anyone who is aiming for weight loss it is important to have a Body weighing scale/machine from day 1 of their weight loss journey. Lets see WHY ? Inferring from the common statement of our GIF weight loss client community the reason behind weight gain beyond a limit have happened to most of them when the individual have either stopped or never weighed themselves for a long time period some times even for years.

It is a habit highly recommended that you keep a check on your weight every day first thing in the morning until you hit your weight loss goal since the progress you see daily will keep you motivated and an increase in reading any time will let recall and correct the mistakes you did the previous day(s). Start your weight loss keeping the body weighing machine from GIF weight loss essentials with you(Check the Latest Price on Amazon). Always be positive , focus on long term goals and keep pushing the boundaries. Keeping track of food and being aware of food will help us be away from unhealthy options but then tracking the number is necessary to keep the BMI (Body Mass Index) in a healthy range(Know your BMI) .

Food Measuring Devices

weight loss journey
Food Weighing Machine

Food measuring machine and Measuring cups and spoons is a mandatory addition to your weight loss essential list since they will help you create the magic happen with the simple formula of portion control. For reasons starting from health problems to concerns over health in long run or not being able to fit into your favorite dress anymore may the reasons be obvious or not, anyone who choose to reduce their weight/body fat should know one thing before they start. 

Did you really put off a recipe, because you couldn’t figure out the measurement or while cooking and baking you struggle with the precision and accuracy of the Ingredients. That is when these precision measuring cups and spoons come to your rescue.!!!

weight loss journey
Measuring Cups

Apple Cider Vinegar

weight loss journey
Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider Vinegar commonly known as ACV  is famous for its weight loss properties and have been used from a long time due to its medicinal and therapeutic benefits. What is Apple cider vinegar and how is it prepared ? ACV is prepared by fermenting crushed apple or apple juice by adding yeast to it which makes the sugar available in apple to get fermented and produce ethanol. The alcoholic solution hence formed by the fermentation is called as cider. The bacteria in ethanol will further helps it to get converted to acetic acid which gives ACV majority of its health benefits.

Green Tea

weight loss journey
Green Tea

Green tea is a drink which has gained a lot of popularity in the past decade. Green tea, native to East Asia has been consumed for its health benefits from a long time. However Green tea has gained a lot of popularity in past decade across the World. The four biggest tea-producing countries across the world today are China, India, Sri Lanka and Kenya. They together contribute to 75% of worlds production which clearly shows the demand for green tea in international market. Tea is the most common drink in the worlds after water. Introduction of green tea as an aid for weight loss has helped it gain more popularity. As a result of which green tea contributes to 20% of total tea consumed across the globe. How is green tea related to weight loss? 

Great Indian Flavours Oats weight loss essentials

While you proceed and make progress in your weight loss journey apart from above mentioned weight loss essentials there are few food items which will be used widely across most of the weight loss diet plans in GIF. Almonds: It is best practice to keep a packet of almonds since we have soaked almonds as an  integral part of our diet plans. Almonds will provide you with essential healthy fats , Vitamin E and protein.  Having almonds first thing in the morning can reduce hunger pranks over the day since they make you feel fuller for longer time. It is good to take 5 soaked almonds every day morning. Oats: The primary reason many of us consider oats as part of our meal is because it is low in calories but apart from that it has many other health benefits as well. The fiber in oats will keep us feel fuller for long time and hence keeping us away from unhealthy munching and hunger pranks thus helps in reducing body weight. Dietary fiber will also help in getting rid of issues like constipation by regulating bowel movements. In GIF diet plans you will be seeing the use of oats possibly in every other diet plan in one or the other interesting form .Yogurt: Yogurt is a food that is made by fermenting milk using bacteria called as yogurt  cultures. Yogurt can be a low calorie substitute for anyone who loves curd. It contains a good amount of calcium and phosphorus. It is also a good source of protein and can aid weight loss.

Almonds weight loss essentials Great Indian Flavours

” It is not just a matter of having the right information available.
It is also an attitude of readiness and eagerness to share the truth of what we believe ” – Dr. Norman Geisler

“In two weeks you will feel it , In four weeks you will see it , In 8 weeks you will hear it.”


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