recipe for banana pancake

Oats and Banana pancake is a balanced breakfast which is not just yummy but also contains goodness of oats banana and eggs !! These ingredients come together, somewhat surprisingly, to deliver delicious pancakes. Let’s check our recipe for Banana pancake..!!

Eggs and cottage cheese provide a boost in protein, and the carbohydrate sources (bananas and oats) are a better choice than white flour, because they offer a host of other important nutrients.”

“Banana Pancake”

Before you get to our recipe for banana pancake, let’s explain, what is Banana Pancake and it’s Nutritional Benefits?

Oats and Banana Pancake, the primary reason many of us consider oats as part of our meal is because it is low in calories but apart from that it has many other health benefits as well. Oats contains a lot of antioxidants and dietary fiber which helps us to keep the blood cholesterol under control by lowering the LDL(bad cholesterol) and maintaining the HDL(good cholesterol). Banana, is one of the most easily available and famous fruit worldwide. They are good addition to a healthy diet and have a lots of health benefits. Banana contains good amount of fiber and potassium. Potassium will help in regulating blood pressure and there by reduces stress and enhances mood as well. Potassium in banana also helps to improve heart health. Isn’t it an amazing way to kick start your day?

Nutritional Benefits of Banana Pancake

Fiber intake from oats

The fiber in oats will keep us feel fuller for long time and keeps us away from unhealthy munching and hunger pranks thus, helps in reducing body weight. Dietary fiber will also help in getting rid of issues like constipation by regulating bowel movements. As mentioned above since oats is beneficial for maintaining HDL and in reducing LDL oat meal is good for heart health. Oats contains good amount of proteins and is low in calorie which will help in reducing belly fat. Do not use the masala and flavored versions of oats, while focusing on weight loss. Always opt steel cut or rolled oats since they have more nutritional value in comparison to instant oats.

Nutritious Facts Of Banana

Unlike any other fruit, banana is available through out the year. They can be used regularly in moderation even by people who have diabetes. Even though banana contains sugar and carbohydrates since they are natural sugar when taken within limits wont cause negative effects to health. The sugar in banana will help reduce bloating and reduces hunger pranks.

Hence considering health benefits and nutritious facts of banana they can be considered as a go to snack option also. However portion control is the key when it comes to people with diabetes and consumption of banana. For one who is trying to lose weight at any point of time when they feel cravings for sugar or feel low in energy it is highly recommended that you have a banana as snack. Banana is a power house of energy and nutrition. It provides instant energy and are less in fat and cholesterol which otherwise is the main components in unhealthy snacks.

Cottage Cheese

It is a good source of proteinreduces saturated fat and calories, is available in low-fat versions too.

Recipe For Banana Pancake

recipe for banana pancake

Recipe by Great Indian FlavoursCourse: Weight LossCuisine: IndianDifficulty: Easy


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Oats and Banana pancake is a balanced breakfast which is not just yummy but also contains goodness of oats banana and eggs !!


  • One medium size banana

  • One Egg

  • Oats 25 gram

  • Baking soda, Salt


  • Grind the banana and egg in mixer to easy flowing consistency.
  • Pour the blended banana and egg mixture to oats and mix well.
  • Add a pinch of salt and baking soda.
  • Cook the pancakes in a nonstick pan or with very little oil to grease the pan.
  • Flip and cook both sides.


  • Have the pancake with Greek yogurt or 1 teaspoon honey to garnish.
  • Use 1 medium size ripened banana.

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