• Lemon juice (one lemon) in one glass warm water and 1 teaspoon honey. 
  • One Spoon apple cider vinegar in one glass water before 30 minutes to breakfast.


peanut butter making Brown Bread

2 Brown Bread, 1 Tablespoon Peanut butter

One Egg (Sunny Side Up), Green Tea


Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad (Paneer for Vegetarians)

  • One Glass Butter Milk


Masala Upma

Masala Upma

Green Tea

The total calorie in a plan is limited to 1200 to 1300, while following the meal plan please stick to the mentioned food and quantities religiously. Along with diet, kindly refer the below mentioned weight loss tips for better results.

DISCLAIMER: Diet plans and articles shared in GIF(Great Indian Flavours) online cannot be considered as equivalent to any medical advice or opinion from a physician.It is advised that you take inputs from your physician before starting any form of diet.We highly recommend you take the advice from your physician regarding the diet in case if you have prevailing/history of issues concerning health

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