Banana Smoothie Oats

FOOD FACTS: Banana Smoothie Oats Calories – 365Kcal. Smoothies are good go to breakfast options and in particular Banana Smoothie Oats is one of my Favorite. Additionally, they are easy to digest and based on the ingredients they can be the best and healthiest breakfast for one looking for weight loss. Smoothies are easy to digest by adding couple of ingredients which will enhance and maintain healthy gut bacteria. Milkshake and smoothie is loved by everyone but they’re quite different from each other in terms of preparation as well the consistency.

Banana Smoothie Oats

Banana Smoothie Oats

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Banana Smoothie Oats is one of the best and healthiest breakfast for one looking for weight loss.


  • 3 Table spoon Oats

  • One Medium sized ripened banana

  • 50 gram yogurt

  • 5 almonds(unsalted)


  • Soak the oats in half a cup water for 10 minutes
  • Add the soaked oats , yogurt and banana to the blender and make smoothie as per your preferred consistency adding Ice or cold water (else plain water as you prefer).
  • Crush the Almonds into pieces and add it to the smoothie to have the extra crunch


  • Add only one Banana (medium size) , if big add half a banana since it is rich is calories and consist of carbohydrates.
  • Make sure you add yogurt to the smoothie (50 gram) as they are good for digestion and maintains healthy gut bacteria and hence a great option for breakfast.
  • Greek Yogurt is the best option when it comes to yogurt. However you may use either as per availability.
  • You may add few drops of vanilla essence or 1/2 tea spoon chocolate powder to add some twist to your smoothie.

Confused Between Smoothie and Milkshake?

People consider them same, but it isn’t. However, they’re quite different from each other in terms of preparation as well the consistency.


Smoothies are quite famous and loved by kids and adults alike. Apart from this, smoothies are a great go-to option for people who cannot drink milkshakes due to lactose intolerance. Creating smoothies is synonymous to innovation, you can choose a variety of flavors and yogurts of your choice. 

The reason why it is named as a ‘smoothie’ is because of its smooth texture and consistency.

Milkshake is a sweet beverage which has more of dairy content in comparison to smoothies. What makes this yummy delight different from the rest is its numerous toppings like cut fruits, whipped cream, marshmallows, candies and more.

Banana smoothie oats 2
Banana smoothie oats Great Indian Flavours

Milkshake usually contains milk and ice cream. It contain ample of fruits and additional flavors. We add chocolate, strawberry syrups, malt syrup, sugar syrup etc. to sweeten it . Whereas, smoothie contains blended yogurt, fruits, seeds and purees.

Banana smoothie oats 1
Banana smoothie oats Great Indian Flavours

Milkshakes can’t be consumed as a meal whereas smoothies can be taken up as a meal replacement since they are rich in various minerals and vitamins.

Milkshakes are quite rich in fat and sugar content, unlike smoothies. Smoothies are rich in carbs and low in fat because they are made from real fruits and vegetables.
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