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glass of water
Water Water & Water !!!!!. Being hydrated plays a vital role in weight loss so always remember to drink water(minimum 3 to 4 liters of water a day)

Additional weight loss Tips

Follow the recipe...

Please adhere to the quantities mentioned in respective recipes for better results

Fruits over juice !

Try to avoid tea coffee and any other sugary drinks (even fruit juices -instead have cut fruits or whole fruit since juice makes body absorb more sugar content from fruits)

say no to sugar !

Try to avoid tea and coffee as much as possible. Those who cannot avoid tea/coffee try to have less quantity either without sugar or else with very little jaggery added for sweetness


Along with the diet engage on a routine physical activity . Choose one best suited for your lifestyle for at least 30 to 45 minutes and make it a part of your daily life. (walking , morning yoga (Surya Namaskar), badminton , simple home workouts etc.)


Every time you refer about Weight gain or weight loss, it is often accompanied by the word Calorie. While talking about weight loss, exercise or weight gain its quite not possible that one does not talk about food and importance of knowing what is calorie .


Calorie in simple terms is a unit of measurement of energy. Calorie by definition is “the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1 °C”. While using calorie to mention the energy and as a body fuel it is in fact the Kilocalorie that is getting referred. This is the “energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 Kilogram of water through 1 °C”. Mathematically 1 Kilocalories is equal to 1000 CALORIES !!.

How calorie gets converted to body fat ?

When we eat more calories than what our body needs over a day, the extra energy gets stored in the form of body fat. There is roughly 7000 calories in a kilo gram of fat. This means to burn and reduce 1 Kilogram of fat we need to ideally burn 7000 calories. Storing calories as fat can happen in many situations. First when one eats more food. Otherwise one eats optimum food but of more calorific value. Else when you eat considerably normal calorie but does not make it utilized by the body much. However apart from the vital functions the body always tends to store anything in extra.  This is for utilizing in future or for a time when calories are scarce. 

When additional calories are consumed they get stored as small amounts of fat. This when happen every single day over and over again and will lead to weight gain as the fat content in your body is increasing. Hence make sure that you eat healthy and maintain an active lifestyle for your body to keep using the calories consumed and to make them store less in the form of fat.

How is calorie related to food ?

How we say how much calorie a food contains?. We simply mention the measure of how much of potential energy is available in that food

Every food that we eat contains potential energy and hence we intake calories in the form of food and this gets utilized by our body. Our body uses this energy for performing its daily activities. This includes breathing , digestion , heart pumping blood , movements and in performing other body functions. Therefore human body needs calories for itself to survive. The body will utilize calories based the energy that it is supposed to spend on daily functions and additional work it has to perform.

Lose weight Naturally
How body use calories ?

The life sustaining activities like breathing,  pumping blood, cell repair, movements, growth etc are the result of chemical processes in body. These are continuous activities which requires energy to burn. 

The energy as we discussed comes from food and calories is the measure of potential energy in the food. Hence food, calorie and body metabolism are all interconnected. Calorie will be combined with oxygen in body to produce the active energy which body utilizes for its functioning.

Additional Weight Loss Tips

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4 thoughts on “Additional weight loss Tips !”

  1. Mahuya Dutta Paul

    Yeah having whole or cut fruits over juices provides roughage to our diet helps proper bowel movement n prevents constipation… Thanks you suggestions are always helpful

  2. Mahuya Dutta Paul

    Ma’am you post regarding say no to sugar will definitely help my husband to control his weight. He is too much fond of sweets.

    1. Thanks Ma’am we appreciate you for taking time to check GIF diet details. We are more than happy to help ! You may start from DIET PLAN 1 for your husband our diets consist of natural sugar and healthy alternatives and no processed sugar. This would help him to keep off the cravings. Let us know if we can be of any help while you progress.

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