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Great Indian Flavours, GIF is a Blog that started its Journey in 2020

With a Single Question in Mind:

Is it too late for one to Start a Healthy and Nutritious Weight loss JourneyFrom Scratch?


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Our story

About Us

The basic thought of creating GIF (Great Indian Flavours) happened out of one simple question, “When food is what cause weight gain, can food be the very medium for weight loss as well ?” And guess what, for someone who juggles between a corporate Job and handling a household, the answer being YES meant a lot. Since even to think of following a regular full length gym session, even though much needed, was a kind of luxury in terms of time. A thought, a simple math as in, to reduce something in surplus first try to utilize what is already in place and stop heaping over and over ! In simple terms nothing but calorie cut or calorie deficit is the simplest solution for weight loss. 

From where we started to a period of almost 4 months the mantra of creating a calorie deficit has made wonders happen. GIF is now at your finger tips as part of an effort from our end to share the  knowledge of weight loss, the knowledge on creating the much needed calorie deficit, the knowledge of portion control  that have worked and created magic for many. For anyone who is looking forward to join the Weight loss journey with GIF, believe that good things takes time, all you need to do is be focused and work towards your goal. Always remember success is the out come of hard work, perseverance and patience and not by shortcut. Well that’s all About Us, Now it’s your Time,SHOW TIME“.


With GIF we recreate the most simple and effective mantra ever:

“Eat Clean Stay Healthy.!”

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